Servo-controlled forming heads in FLA-20S vial machine

The 20 stations vial forming machine type FLA-20S, with continuous rotation according to OCMI tradition and maximum output around 3000 pcs/hr for 2R vials, has been equipped with newly developed pre-forming and main forming stations where plungers and rollers movement is driven by servo-motors.

Main purpose is to assure the best precision and quality of the mouth forming process and make the operator’s job easier with the possibility to set the main parameters for tools motion from the touch-screen integrated in machine cabinet.

The main parameters to be set from machine cabinet are the initial and final positions of rollers and plungers, the entry/exit acceleration of the rollers and plungers and entry speed of plungers.

The vial forming section of FLA-20S machine includes two independent stations equipped with one roughing roller each for the initial preparation of the vial shoulders. The main forming operation is then performed by the two new servo-controlled stations equipped with two rollers and one plunger.

Plungers are internally lubricated in order to keep the best cleaning conditions of the machine during operation.

The same development with servo-control of tooling stations can be applied to OCMI droppers and dental cartridges forming machines.

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